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 1.)  "Web designer Muhammad is highly persistent and he doesn't leave the project until my website is making me money ".

Ethan Brown / Graphic Designer

2.) “Exceptional with all ideas for my music and how to grow my fan base".

Malcom Brixhouse/ Rapper

3.) “The staff members are very knowledgeable in all areas, from marketing to web design and development. Client Nadiyah from Yahweh's Hands Massage Therapy. " 

Nadiyah Ziyad/Yahweh's Hands

4.)  "Awesome" quoted about my website business

Famous Filmmaker, Billboard Artist, Songwriter, Singer, Children's Author, Record Label, Model, Voice Over Artist, Music Teacher, Publisher "Kim Cameron.

5.) "Very Talented and thank you for helping me with my website " said by famous Greek musician and client.

Marian Georgiou

6.) Alexia Grady (Travel Planner) "Muhammad works well under pressure.  He is very well organized, creative and professional.  He gets the job done on time."

Company follower on Linkedin.
Famous RnB Singer Ray J

Contacted for Marketing Expansion

Angelina Jolie

Endorsements on Linkedin

Zamoul El Mays (Attorney at Law)

Mike Headley (Parts Manager at Texas Truck)

Keith Clizark ( Music Industry Guru)

Marian Sawyer, (ASCAP)

Joe Wiseman, (President at Wolf Publishing)

Wheatt Straw (Rap-A-Lot Records)

Louis Lee II (CEO Eubanks Conservatory of Music and Arts)

Mark G. Goldstein (Entertainment Industry Consultant Clients of Mr. Goldstein(Usher, Mary J. Blidge, Faith Evans, SWV, Nas, Will Smith, Al Green, Mims, Beenie Man and more.)

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